Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Vegetarian Kale Wraps

This weekend I realized I had a ton of kale that was about to not be so fresh anymore.  Like pounds and pounds of kale.  Since it is the expensive organic kind (I had to actually buy it since I had to re-plant all of my kale plants for winter), I decided to make some wraps and some pasta (in another post) to freeze.

Vegetarian Kale Wraps:

1.  Pesto (or mustard or hummus--we only had pesto so that is what I used)
2.  Tortillas or lavash
3.  tofu (pre baked)
4.  lentils (pre made from TJ's or make your own if you're not lazy)
5.  kale (chopped)
6.  red onion (sliced)

Here is a picture of all of my ingredients.  You can modify this recipe a million ways.  Hate kale?  Use spinach!  Don't like lentils?  Mash up some garbanzo beans!

 Place your wrap on a plate or cutting board and spread some pesto on the wrap.
 Chop some kale!  I like it finely chopped but you could also use a full kale leaf if they are baby leaves.
 Place your chopped kale on about half of  your wrap.
 Layer your other ingredients on that 1/2 of your wrap.  The side with all the stuff is the side you are going to roll up.
 Tightly roll your wrap up so that the seam is under the wrap.
 Cut with a sharp knife.  Serve or freeze.
 I ate about 4 and then froze the rest.  Nom nom.