Saturday, July 6, 2013

5 minute maxi dress refashion

I had a bag of clothes in my bedroom that I had put aside to bring to Goodwill.  Until this morning when I woke up with an inspiration and then headed over to Pinterest to get some more ideas.

I had this black maxi dress that I basically never wore because it squooshed my boobs into weird shapes or just gave the world too much of a boob view if I opted for no bra (which ladies with DDs should never try).  I haven't worn it for years--but decided to save the skirt part.  Here it is:

 Here's the weird boobage part--definitely not for the BTB's in our lives!
 This is the tank I'm pairing with it tonight and a big old green pearl necklace.
 First I cut off the weird top, leaving the elastic of the skirt in place.
 There are two bands of elastic.  If your maxi didn't have elastic, it's very easy to sew a casing and then add the elastic.
 Trying it on for length and I didn't have to shorten it.  This is a no-sew project!

Here's the front:
 Here's the back.

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