Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How to Make a Glitter Vase

I freaking love glitter and am always looking for projects that I can glitter something.  I love the super fine craft glitter that comes in all kinds of colors now.  I bought a HUGE container of glitter two years ago for our wedding and shockingly have not burned through it all.  It is this pretty gold color and sort of goes with every project!  Part of the bridal shower I'm preparing for is using beer, wine, and salad dressing bottles, soaking off the labels, fancy-ing them up with paint and glitter and using them as vases for flowers.  And it's a great craft to do while you're watching trashy tv!

Here's what you will need:

1.  A paper or plastic plate to catch all the glitter (so it doesn't go everywhere and so you can pour it back in the glitter container)
2.  A glass bottle (wine, salad dressing, beer, pickles--the jar possibilities are endless!)
3.  Elmer's Glue
4.  A paint brush (I used a sponge brush because I was lazy and didn't want to walk upstairs to get another paintbrush but regular paintbrushes will work fine--if you don't have a paintbrush you can also use a tissue or paper towel to smear the glue on)
5.  Glitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6.  Painter's Tape (some bottles I just 100% glittered and didn't use the painter's tape)

 1.  Start by masking off the area you want to glitter.  For this bottle I wanted to keep it simple and do one stripe of glitter in the lower middle of the bottle.  I taped above and below.  Depending on the shape of your bottle you might have to readjust the tape to make it even--but this is crafting--it doesn't have to be perfect!  For you beginners--a round jar is the easiest thing to start with.

2.  Put a dollop of glue on the space between the tape and start to brush the glue in the open area between the painter's tape to thoroughly coat it.  

 You don't want the glue to be drippy, but you want it to be thick enough that glitter will stick and it's approximately evenly spread all around the jar.
 3.  Apply your glitter!  Just shake the glitter onto the glued area--be liberal about your application, you can use the glitter that falls again by folding your paper plate and pouring it back into the glitter container!
 4.  Wait about 5 minutes and then take off the tape slowly.
 5.  Let dry overnight.  Now you have a gorgeous one of a kind vase!!!!!!!!  If you want to seal the glitter on you can use clear nail polish to do so.  I like to be able to wash and reuse my glass bottles for different projects so I can paint and repaint and glitter for any occasion.

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