Monday, June 3, 2013

Alcatraz Challenge

Husbando is a hardcore triathlete.  In the last few years he has started talking about doing the swim from Alcatraz.  I have tried to dissuade him from this because he obviously would die and I want him to live forever!  This year he signed up for it and didn't tell me.  Instead of freaking the fuck out (which is what his mom was doing), I decided to cheer him on and make sure I was there ready to go at 4am to psych him up before we left.  He survived and I got some great pics!

Here are some of the photos from that day:
Alcatraz in the distance around 5am

Alcatraz in the distance around 7am

This is the ferry that they JUMPED off of to swim to East Beach at Crissy Field in SF.

As you can see, it was amazingly warm.  Hello fellow spectators.

This was when they were finishing the swim--you could finally see some arms!

And there is the Golden Gate Bridge--so so warm.

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