Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ralph is (so far) still an only child

Today was the earliest I could test to see if I'm preggers or not.  Since I've been feeling SO exhausted and weird lately I thought FOR SURE.  Sadly, this morning I woke up at 4:45am to pee into a cup so I could test before Husbando left for swimming and work, only to not have that little blue line turn up.  It was sad and I have felt defeated and unmotivated all day.  I thought it would be so much easier than this.  And it's frustrating because I like to plan.  And I'm looking like a fucking idiot already rubbing my belly and talking to it, picking out baby names with Husbando all weekend, cleaning like a crazy person like a baby is moving into our house next week, planning my maternity leave and what dates we are going to tell various family and friends, putting reminders in my calendar to make a Kaiser appointment for my blood test for pregnancy and to ask my doctor about if I can take Claritin or not.  And what does this tell you?  That I am a CRAZY person.  That all of this maybe baby having is making me CRAZY!  I know, I know, my prego hormones might not be high enough for it to register on a take home prego test yet.  I will test again this weekend.  But I feel like I'm crazy since I've been so exhausted and crampy and not pregnant.  

So, I've been working on my new business to distract myself.  I started a course today through the SBDC about starting your own arts and crafts business and am also writing a business plan.  So that is overwhelming enough to keep me busy.

In the mean time, Ralph is rolling through his straw and getting his nose covered in dirt.  Here he is trying to lick his normally WHITE snout clean:

 Look at that tongue!!!!!!
So for now, I'm enjoying my furry baby and he is loving all of the extra hugs.  And if you see a crazy lady walking through the market with a beagle strapped to her chest in a Baby Bjorn--come say hi to me!!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How to Make a Glitter Vase

I freaking love glitter and am always looking for projects that I can glitter something.  I love the super fine craft glitter that comes in all kinds of colors now.  I bought a HUGE container of glitter two years ago for our wedding and shockingly have not burned through it all.  It is this pretty gold color and sort of goes with every project!  Part of the bridal shower I'm preparing for is using beer, wine, and salad dressing bottles, soaking off the labels, fancy-ing them up with paint and glitter and using them as vases for flowers.  And it's a great craft to do while you're watching trashy tv!

Here's what you will need:

1.  A paper or plastic plate to catch all the glitter (so it doesn't go everywhere and so you can pour it back in the glitter container)
2.  A glass bottle (wine, salad dressing, beer, pickles--the jar possibilities are endless!)
3.  Elmer's Glue
4.  A paint brush (I used a sponge brush because I was lazy and didn't want to walk upstairs to get another paintbrush but regular paintbrushes will work fine--if you don't have a paintbrush you can also use a tissue or paper towel to smear the glue on)
5.  Glitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6.  Painter's Tape (some bottles I just 100% glittered and didn't use the painter's tape)

 1.  Start by masking off the area you want to glitter.  For this bottle I wanted to keep it simple and do one stripe of glitter in the lower middle of the bottle.  I taped above and below.  Depending on the shape of your bottle you might have to readjust the tape to make it even--but this is crafting--it doesn't have to be perfect!  For you beginners--a round jar is the easiest thing to start with.

2.  Put a dollop of glue on the space between the tape and start to brush the glue in the open area between the painter's tape to thoroughly coat it.  

 You don't want the glue to be drippy, but you want it to be thick enough that glitter will stick and it's approximately evenly spread all around the jar.
 3.  Apply your glitter!  Just shake the glitter onto the glued area--be liberal about your application, you can use the glitter that falls again by folding your paper plate and pouring it back into the glitter container!
 4.  Wait about 5 minutes and then take off the tape slowly.
 5.  Let dry overnight.  Now you have a gorgeous one of a kind vase!!!!!!!!  If you want to seal the glitter on you can use clear nail polish to do so.  I like to be able to wash and reuse my glass bottles for different projects so I can paint and repaint and glitter for any occasion.

Monday, June 17, 2013

How to Make Veils for a Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party

My friend is getting married in a few weeks and we are throwing her a bridal shower.  In preparation for the shower there have been many festive ideas thrown around and the one I worked on this weekend was making wedding veils for all of the guests.  You can make these veils for a bridal shower or a bachelorette party.  In making the veils, I bought 4 colors of tulle so that people can pick from different colors, and then the bride's veil will have more layers and more colors than everyone else so it will be extra special.

Here's how to make a veil for a bridal shower or bachelorette party:


1.  Tulle (depending on how many you are going to make, I would say 3/4 of a yard per veil is enough)
2.  Hair Clips (can be purchased at JoAnn's for cheap!)
3.  A pair of Scissors
4.  Thread to correspond to the tulle
5.  Glue gun and glue

Per veil, this project costs about $1 a veil.  I'm making about 30 of them though so if you're making fewer it may cost you a bit more.

 First, if you have a long bolt of fabric of the tulle, cut the tulle to the length you want.  Here I am cutting about 3/4 of a yard.
 There is is draped over my Bernina.
 If you lay your tulle open all the way, start to gather the tulle where the center line would be where it was folded on the bolt.
 Sew across and back a few times so that the tulle is secured and it makes a harder glue-able ridge.  Trim your ends of your thread.
 Fold the tulle in half at the crease like this.  Your seam is going to be where you attach your clip.

Glue your clip with a glue gun to your sewn seam.  Don't burn your hands!

 Clip it onto your head.  
 From the side.
And you are done!  I will update this again when I have the layout for all of the veils at the shower.  We are going to be putting a table in the front of the house with baskets with different veils for people to choose before they come into the house so that we can make the bridal shower really festive!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The two week wait

There is something called the two week wait.  It's a time between ovulation and being able to test for pregnancy.  I have about 6 more days before I can officially have anything register on a home pregnancy test.  I should wait longer, but I am impatient and want to know.

I have never been more exhausted than I have this week.  Falling asleep on the couch, at a baseball game, at my desk at work.  My husband thinks it's caffeine withdrawal.  I think it's because I'm baking a baby in my lady oven.

While I'm waiting, I have been reading all kinds of "don't use/eat/do this" articles and blogs about what you can and can't do while pregnant.  There is so much information out there and it is terrifying.  Apparently, not only is my deodorant/anti-antiperspirant going to kill my baby but it is also going to give me breast cancer!  And not only can I only drink maybe one can of Diet Coke a day (maybe--you know if I just have to impair my child because I'm selfish) but I have to find a kind that only contains sucralose and not aspartame otherwise I'm killing my baby.  I'm also off dairy which may have been the hardest.  Of course, no alcohol--this is the one I think my friends have enjoyed the most--I've been the designated driver like 4 times this week!  My husband supportively giggles as I order a sparkling water.  Yum!  We are making babies over here!

One thing I had not anticipated was the snuggling and extra kisses and love from husbando.  Those moments have been truly tender.  And Ralph has enjoyed all of this extra sleeping we've been doing.

In the mean time, I'm preparing for a bridal shower.  (SO EXCITED!)  I will be posting all kinds of event/party planning ideas coming up with tutorials and projects costs.  Stay tuned!

Friday, June 7, 2013


So this week has been filled with weird fertility conversations.  Let me rephrase that.  They are totally normal to me now but to the regular "normal" human out there, you would be totally grossed out and/or bored.

Here is a picture of Ralph to cleanse your palette before we start:

Here are the highlights:

1.  One friend and I agreed that we hate going to the gyno because we just don't want to know what is wrong with us.  And that we are constantly afraid that we have somehow contracted all of the bad STI's in the world (even though we've been with our spouses for YEARS AND YEARS with no one else) and these STI's have made us both infertile and will kill us and oh now we're childless and dead.

2.  Another friend isn't calling it sex anymore--her husband is merely making "deposits" in her.  Like going to the bank.  Totally clinical.

3.  I was trying to describe that I had pain in my right side to my husband and somewhat jokingly and somewhat seriously said I think my egg is releasing from this side.  Which turned into an entire conversation about how little he knows about baby making.  He was confused why I only released one egg per month and  that it varies which side your egg releases from.  He was also confused why I have two maybe three days a month where I can get preggers.  I think I finally freaked him out with all of this fertility stuff when I said "we can have sex tomorrow otherwise we can just try again next month" (try again for baby making not that I only give him one shot a month---don't worry).  And he also didn't know what a kiln was (on a totally unrelated pottery discussion).

4.  I had a conversation with my friend about the consistency of cervical mucus this morning.  I know--gross.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Alcatraz Challenge

Husbando is a hardcore triathlete.  In the last few years he has started talking about doing the swim from Alcatraz.  I have tried to dissuade him from this because he obviously would die and I want him to live forever!  This year he signed up for it and didn't tell me.  Instead of freaking the fuck out (which is what his mom was doing), I decided to cheer him on and make sure I was there ready to go at 4am to psych him up before we left.  He survived and I got some great pics!

Here are some of the photos from that day:
Alcatraz in the distance around 5am

Alcatraz in the distance around 7am

This is the ferry that they JUMPED off of to swim to East Beach at Crissy Field in SF.

As you can see, it was amazingly warm.  Hello fellow spectators.

This was when they were finishing the swim--you could finally see some arms!

And there is the Golden Gate Bridge--so so warm.