Thursday, May 9, 2013

Things I'm Obsessed with this Month

I'm too tired to craft something and I've already opened a bottle of that is how the rest of this evening is going.  (Oh and I have a 16 & Pregnant marathon DVRed!!!!!)  Basically I got up at 3am today, did a presentation, worked a full day, did all kinds of household chores and crap and now need to relax.  I even forgot to take the dog out again...but that's what a yard and/or husbands are for.

I did want to say a few words about two things I'm totally obsessed with right now.

One is the new Fall Out Boy album Save Rock and Roll.   So worth the money.  It helps me wake up in the morning and I also listen to it when I work out.  The album is SOLID all the way through.  FREAKING ELTON JOHN is on the album.  How could it not be awesome???  And I'm sorry but Patrick Stump has totally transformed his look.  Dang!  Look at that hair!  And I freaking love it.  This is who Patrick used to be.  And of course who doesn't love Pete Wentz--but that goes without saying....

The second thing I have watched a billion times lately is Burning Love.  It is an EPIC online show parody of the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad TV shows that is hosted by Yahoo!.  You will enjoy cameos from Paul Rudd, Michael Ian Black, Natascha Leggero, Michael Cera, Adam Scott, Christine Taylor, Jerry O'Connell,  the crew from The League (Paul Scheer and Nick Kroll!)  Freaking Leslie Bibb is amazing as "Bevarly".  That's right, not "Beverly," but "BeVARly."  And love love love June Diane Raphael who plays "Julie" who has her own season.  So much inappropriate awesomeness.  All of the eps are online now and FREE for Julie's season and for season 3 of "Burning Down the House" which is the Bachelor Pad parody.  They are competing for $900!  Definitely NSFW!

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