Saturday, May 11, 2013

Teal Rit Dye on a yellowing fabric

The other week I tried to dye all of the white clothes I wasn't wearing anymore black....which turned into an epic purplish fail.  As it was my first time dying, everyone threw in their two cents, and what I heard over and over was "you should have used vinegar."  Now, the bottle and the internet, because of the type of fabric it was said to use a cup of salt and not vinegar--so I used salt.  This time, I tried the vinegar.  Other things I did wrong last time were too many garments in the bucket, and not enough color saturation.

So yesterday I WALKED to Joann Fabrics in an effort to curb my spending on craft related items.  It took about an hour and a half round trip.  And I walked away with a bottle of Teal Rit Dye.

So the fabric I ended up using, I inherited from a friend who was cleaning out her mom's extensive fabric stash.  I loved this pattern but felt the yellow of the fabric had faded and needed to be darker and greener/bluer.

Here I am dying again!  It's really weird when you are having a conversation with a non-crafty person and they ask what you've been up to lately and you respond with "OMG I've been dying lately!" and they look at you with a look of concern and their cell phones partially dialed to get you in a 5150.

 About 5 minutes in I tried the cup of vinegar.  I ended up only stirring this baby for about 20 minutes because I was lazy but it turned out a great color.
 Here it is looking sad in the sink but much more vibrant than the initial yellow.
And here it is after going through the laundry.  It's quite a difference.  I cannot wait to make a sundress out of this!  Or maybe a top!  My options for crafting are limited this week due to work, cleaning, family, family, family, mother's day, etc., but I'm taking Monday off to craft and make doctor's appointments.  So I hope you'll be seeing this fabric back soon!

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