Monday, May 13, 2013

May 2013 Garden Update

Almost a month ago we planted our garden.  On the list of plants were the following:

1.  Kale;
2.  Broccoli;
3.  Pole Beans;
4.  Cucumbers;
5.  Zucchini;
6.  Strawberries;
7.  Red onions;
8.  Brussels Sprouts;
9.  Green Peppers.

We started all of those from plants and started some peas and corn inside the house and then transplanted.  Unfortunately for us, birds LOVE tiny pea and corn plants.  We also tried spinach from seed which normally grows quickly, only to discover birds pilfering the plant beds.

Yesterday we added a few new plants to the garden.
Hello artichoke!

Corn to the right and an early girl tomato to the left.

Grape plant!  Savignon blanc grapes!

Close up of the baby grapes.
 We have our first broccoli coming in too!  Everyone who comes over is amazed that this is how broccoli grows.  It's pretty exciting!
 And our first zucchini!
 Our pole beans are trailing nicely.
We have been able to harvest our kale about once a week.  Those plants have already paid for themselves multiple times over.  Kale is so easy to grow and it's super expensive at the store to get good organic kale that doesn't taste bitter.

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