Saturday, May 4, 2013

How to make a rosemary wreath

I am a bit wreath obsessed lately.  In the last few months I have made wreaths out of fabric scraps, twine and felt flower wreaths, and yarn and felt flower wreaths out of pool noodles from the dollar store.  And today I made a rosemary wreath.

You will need scissors (I use Fiskars--they are the BEST for almost everything garden and/or sewing related), lots of rosemary, a wire wreath form, and gloves.  SERIOUSLY you need gloves.  When you handle rosemary, all kinds of oil are released onto your hands which are waxy and difficult to get off.  Use gloves through this whole project.

First I harvested a boat load of rosemary from my sister's house!  Thanks Chiquita!  (Not her real name but that is what we call each other).  And it is not banana related--we both hate bananas.
 Then I got out a plastic ice bucket that I got at Party City last summer and gave the rosemary a bath to get all the dirt/bugs/dead parts off and to give it a good soak before it became a wreath.  I'm hoping the wreath dries nicely and will look okay after it's been in the sun for awhile--but we will see.
 Keep those gloves out and the scissors close!  This is what the wreath form looks like.  You wouldn't think it would be that small huh?  I rescued this from our Thanksgiving wreath that we bought after we clipped off all the dead stuff.  I was amazed such a cute and HUGE wreath could be made out of such a tiny wreath form.
 Take your rosemary and start to shove the rosemary into the holes around the wreath form.
 Keep shoving until you can't shove anymore in the hole and then move on to the next.   Keep putting the rosemary into the hole in the same direction all the way around the wreath.
 What a freaking mess!  This is what it looks like when it's done.  CRAZY!

Now it's time to give it a haircut.  Trim evenly around the wreath.  

 Here is is hanging on my gate

 But this is it's final resting place.
 Looking cute!
 I think next time I'd like to add lavender to the rosemary to add a little color to the green.  I also want to try this with eucalyptus branches.

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