Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How to make an outdoor cushion cover

My friend bought a fun table cloth and wanted to use it to cover a piece of foam cushion.  She didn't have a sewing machine and wasn't hot on the idea of glue gunning it (which is pretty much my solution to life).  The fabric was a bit too short for the project she wanted so we extended the width of the table cloth, slapped on some velcro, and finished the ends with safety pins.  This was an easy and fast project that she could wash if needed and could easily take off the velcro and pins and re-use it as a table cloth.  This is the final product:

And she has this killer view of Mt. Tam:

Here's what a started with:  foam cushion, table cloth, accent fabric for extra piece, sew on velcro.
 First, I measured and cut my extra piece of fabric.  Then I hemmed the edges.

Then I pinned my coral piece along the length of the table cloth and sewed.  

Here's what it looked like after:
Then I sewed the rough side of the velcro onto my extra coral piece:
And then I matched up the soft side of the velcro on the tablecloth side and sewed that on.

Then I placed the foam in the center of the fabric and velcro-ed it together and folded the edges up like you would if you were wrapping a present and secured them with safety pins.  You could also have added more velcro but we wanted to make it really easy.

 And then we ironed it to get out those wrinkles!  And this is what we were looking at when we ironed.  Not bad.  Not bad.

Here it is by itself.

 And the final product again!

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