Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How to make an easy lined skirt with an elastic waist

So this project ended up taking me about an hour and a half.  This is a lined skirt with an elastic waist.

This is a really easy skirt to make for any sewing level.  I used a bright green fabric for the lining fabric and a very sheer dark blue fabric with flowers on it.  The elastic I used was just what I had laying around which was about a half inch thick.

Here are my supplies:

Measure your lining fabric around your waist where you want the elastic to go.  Cut two pieces of the lining fabric that size (don't worry about the length yet).  Cute two pieces of the outer fabric that same size as well.  So you will end up with 4 pieces of fabric that look like squares or rectangles and are all the same size.

Clearly my fabric needed to be ironed so I did that....

Then I pinned along the side edge, all four pieces together.  This would mean your two lining fabric pieces are on the outside (green) and your two pieces of outer fabric are facing each other on the inside.
Sew the seams on both sides.  Then I sewed the top of the skirt just to keep the lining and outer fabric together.  If you're REALLY good about pinning and ironing you can skip this step--but I am lazy and am much better at sewing and then pinning so that is what I did.  At some point, I held the skirt up to my legs and figured out where I wanted the skirt to fall to.  It's always better to keep it longer and shorten as you go than to spend all this time making a way too short skirt.  When I found the length I liked I just cut a half inch and ripped each piece so they were all relatively equal.
Fold your top fabric over to make the waistband.  It should be a bit thicker than the size of your elastic and you want to leave a gap in the waistband somewhere where you can insert your elastic.
I used the guide from my previous top stitching as where I would sew the waistband to.
I left about two inches open for inserting the elastic near a seam.

Then I pinned a safety pin to the edge of my elastic to help move it through the waistband of the skirt.
Pull the elastic all the way through.  When you get to the end, knot the elastic and then try it on and adjust the length of the elastic to how tight you want it.
Take out the knot and overlap about an inch of the elastic and sew on it.  I would say do zig zag stitch but mine was acting like a B so I just threw in a few other normal stitches and called it a day.  Look at that craftsmanship!!!!!!!!

Then I pinned and sewed up a big bottom hem:
And here it is all done and ready to wear to work tomorrow.
Here it is hanging.  Yay!  I'll definitely be making more of these in different colors and I also want to experiment with trims and lace to make them fancier.  Happy sewing.


  1. you are a rock star with fabric girl!

  2. You made it all possible Cheryl! Thanks for the amazing fabrics!!!!