Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to hang vertical succulent planters

My mother in law bought us some vertical planters for our garden.  They are perfect for succulents or strawberries!  I decided to go with succulents since they will be enduring all kinds of weather and wind in the area I placed them and succulents are quite hardy.

 BTW I LOVE my new drill.  The battery charges in no time unlike our old one which would die during a simple job and then you would have to wait 15 hours to charge the thing.

Here is the fence I decided would be good for the planters.  It also has fresher wood than a lot of the other parts of the deck since this was rebuilt before we moved in because there was so much dry rot in the planks.

I marked with an X all of the places I would be drilling.  I own ONE pencil and some how that pencil is always available for crafting and I always need one for something.  One freaking pencil.  I have an entire JoAnn Fabrics and Michael's warehouse in my crafting room and only one pencil.  It makes no sense.

Here I am drilling the hole in the X.  
 I used long screws that went in about 2 inches and stuck out an inch to hang the planters.

 Here are the planters.  Pretty good placement for not measuring!
 I filled them half up with dirt.

 And cut some succulents off of all of the other succulents I have growing in the yard.
 Here are a few up close shots--they all have the same layout but are a little bit different.

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