Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to: Fabric Storage

I am not the most organized person.  (My husband is laughing right now pointing to my piles of crap everywhere in the house).  Most of my piles are craft or laundry related.  I can't help it.  I've recently inherited a ton of fabric from a friend and am slowly washing and ironing it, dyeing it, etc., and need to  figure out what to actually do with it.

I was laying in bed this morning while trying to eek out 9 more minutes out of my alarm, and I realized I had an entire shelf above my clothes in my closet that didn't have anything up there.  I am short so it's not great to have clothes up there that are inaccessible.  But it would be a great place to store fabric since it is unused space and I don't need fabric all the time.  Or I don't need all the fabric all the time!

First, like any diligent crafter, I scoured the internet and Pinterest until I found a technique I liked.  The Little Green Bean had the best and easiest and most cost effective method for my situation.  And I just happened to have some foam board laying around the house perfect for this project!

There will be no photos of the fabric nightmare that is happening in the craft room.  It is bad.  And I am embarrassed   I have four huge plastic tubs of fabric in the garage that I haven't even gotten to for the washing part--so there is that also.

To prepare, I also watched this video on foam board cutting since I don't want to half ass this project and have janky foam.  My foam ended up being sort of janky anyway...

First I started with cutting my foam board into 10 by 10 rectangles.  I used this Craftsman knife thing, but something sharper would have been nice.

 Here is the space I will be putting the fabric--it's above the hanging section in my closet.  (The hanging section is also known as the section that has not yet made it to the laundry explosion pile or that has not yet fallen onto the floor to be forever lost under my wedding dress and other crap...)

 I laid my fabric out length wise and then folded it in half and then folded it in thirds--I sometimes folded and then folded twice depending on how wide the fabric was.
 Then I secured the fabric into the fabric and pushed it through to the foam on either side to hold it in place on my bolt.
 And here are the pinks and oranges in the closet starting to be organized!

I don't think I realized how much fabric I actually have when I started this project--I'm going to need about 50 more of these closets but I'm not going to worry about that yet.

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