Friday, May 10, 2013

How to customize the size of a dog collar

Most of the dog collars I like are just too big for Ralph.  There is a great dog store named George that is walkable from my office--it is a dangerous place!  I have purchased a number of collars/awesome things from George including a bow tie and top hat that he wore to our wedding:

There's Ralph being fancy!  Doesn't he look handsome?!  And if THAT wasn't cute enough more you...check out his new TIE!  Yes he wore it to the dinner party on Monday:

I also bought this collar which I call the "country club collar" but it is WAY too big for my beagle baby's neck.  The stitching is hot pink and the inside is orange!  So cute for summer.
 First I seam ripped open the end part in the inner loop.

 That is the end you're going to cut off.
 Snip to desired length.
 Then zig zag stitch the raw edge.

 Sew that end back on to the collar to reform the loop.
 Another view:
 Here are my final stitches.
 And here it is on Ralph.
 He's very busy taking a nap right now.

You can do this with any collar--dog, cat, etc.

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