Wednesday, May 1, 2013

From spaghetti strap dress to flowy top with sleeves!

Again, I'm totally obsessed with Refashionista.  I've basically been tearing apart my closet the last two weeks and figuring out fun ways to update clothes I already own.  Today we have this yellow dress with spaghetti straps.  Spaghetti straps do not work for ladies with huge cans that are almost thirty years old.  Or at least not in my case!  I've probably worn this dress twice but tried it on a million times.  The sheerness in the ass area always bothered me as did the ridiculous amounts of layering I had to do with the top portion to either hide the spaghetti straps or make sure I had enough support.  No bueno.

So here is the before:
 The pattern is cute.  I probably would have tried to dye it, but it's polyester.  And after spending about three hours reading about polyester dying, I decided that my life, for now, will be complete without adding that skill set to my repertoire.  (Basically I don't want to buy hazmat gear!)
 First I cut off the bottom two layers in the skirt--these I'm going to be using for my sleeves.  I also cut the lining so that it would be shorter.
 I pinned the new lining length.
 And sewed.
 Here is the shorter top.  Starting to look like a shirt!
 I separated the bottom tiers at the side seams just by cutting.
 Then I pinned the raw edge to make a finished edge.  This finished edge will take the place of where the spaghetti strap is.  Then I sewed.
 I pinned the spaghetti strap to my new sleeves along the newly finished edge of the tiers.
 Then I sewed the sleeves in place by hand to tack on all four sides.
 Here's the strap that is still on there.
 Snip that strap off once it's sewed.
 Here's the new top!
 Up close!

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