Monday, May 6, 2013

Dinner party, etc.

So tonight we threw a dinner party and I am currently drinking a glass of wine with ice cubes in it about 2 hours past my bed time (9pm) and devouring this bad boy from Sweet Things:

If carrot cake was a person, I would marry it.  NOM NOM.

So we had a Monday night dinner party which I never do.  Generally, Mondays are for lamenting that it is the beginning of the week and grieving the end of the weekend.  Tonight was different and I feel like Monday night dinner party is going to be the new trend--maybe not every week, but definitely once a month.  It was sooooooooo nice after my shitty day at work, complete with crying, graying hair, and a general lack of enthusiasm for my legal career, to have something else to focus on and people to feed.  The Italian mother comes out in me when I feed people.  It makes me so happy.  I can't wait to have babies to feed.

Here's some of the hotness from the dinner table.  Cute huh?

 Yes, those are sterling silver fortune cookie place holders!
 Don't you love paper flower napkin holders?  Here's the tutorial if you want to make them.

And of course, our fancy beagle Ralph is his tie.  You can't have a dinner party without a beagle in formal wear.

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