Thursday, April 18, 2013

Using a dollar store pool noodle to make a wreath

I have recently discovered the dollar store and am sort of in love.  I saw something on Pinterest about making a wreath form using a foam pool noodle and had to try it. 

You will need:
1)  Scissors;
2)  Pool noodle;
3)  Glue gun and glue;
4)  Yarn;
5)  Felt.

 Start by pulling the two ends of your wreath form together to make a circle.  It really helps if you have another person holding the ends together while you tape but it's not impossible to do it by yourself. 
 Tape the ends with duct tape.
 Secure the juncture with more duct tape.
 Start wrapping your yarn around the noodle.  For more instructions, see my previous post about making a twine and felt wreath.  I have since found that it's faster if you wrap the ENTIRE wreath with duct tape first as opposed to just that one area.  The yarn slides better alone the noodle when it's slick as opposed to when it's on the rubbery foam part.  I actually used duct tape to secure it and then clear packaging tape to make it smooth.  Try it out and see what works best--the noodles are only a dollar!
 Here's what the noddle looked like covered
 And then I started putting on my felt flowers.
 Close shot!  I used one sheet each of a 9x12 piece of felt.
 Here's the finished product hanging on our door right now.  It's sort of a "Happy Spring/Anti-DOMA/Pro Marriage Equality Wreath."

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