Thursday, April 25, 2013

Updating clothes you already own

The last three days I have been obsessed with reading through Refashionista's Blog.  Jillian did a 366 day challenge where she refashioned clothes she already owned or got at thrift stores or Goodwill and re-purposed them.  Mind blown.  I finally made it through all of the posts this morning and am sooo inspired to do this myself with some of my clothes.

I started THREE sewing projects yesterday.  One was an EPIC fail that could not be salvaged (that's what happens when you get cavalier about pinning without measuring!  And I have very little patience for seam ripping.  Or pretty much anything.)  The other started to be too hard to deal with.  The third one I started and had to come back to a few hours later.  It's amazing what a break in time can do for your creativity--coming back to a project you're stuck on later, in a different room, under a different lamp, different time of day, different music, etc., can totally change your project.

Here's what it started out as.  A pretty maxi dress that is strapless.  Which means I basically wore it once and realized that ladies with huge cans cannot wear strapless dresses.

 The top part is smocked.
And up close of the skirt.
 First I cut the smocked part off of the rest of the dress.  I cut above the lining because I thought I would reuse it.

 But in the end, the lining had to go.  The dress is pretty sheer without it--I'm wearing a slip with the dress right now until I get the time to line it (or what I like to call a time also known as NEVER).
 I pinned my top hem.

 Next came the smocked top that I was going to use for straps.  I "fake" surged on either side of the seam on both sides before I cut so that the elastic thread would more likely hold.

 Then I sewed the raw edge on the new straps.
 I pinned the straps to the dress and sewed.
 Here's the other side.

 Boom!  Straps to a strapless dress!
 Very hard to take photos of self in the mirror.  It looks better in person.

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