Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Paper Party Decorations

I've been co-hosting or hosting a number of parties lately (one baby shower and three birthdays in the last 3 weeks).  I've been experimenting with a number of different paper and felt party decorations, and these are the paper ones I've come up with:

This is what they actually looked like at the party:
We dangled these bad boys from the balcony.  They were all different lengths and it was fun to have all kinds of stuff hanging from the ceiling.  It was a St. Patrick's Day themed birthday if you're wondering why we chose so much green.  You can also hang them in front of windows or in front of a colored or plain backdrop.  It's just a fun and cheap craft that you can do with stuff you already have.

Here is what you'll need:
1)  Scrapbooking paper;
2)  Scissors or a rotary cutter and mat;
3)  Stapler;
4)  Yarn, string, twine in whatever color you want.

1)  First, cut squares or rectangles the size you want.  I would experiment with some regular printer paper to figure out what the best size is for your project.  A rotary cutter or paper cutter is also really helpful if you want everything to be exact.  You don't have to be precise though, especially if you're suspending these babies from a distance--no one will know!
 2)  Fold the paper back and forth so that it starts to accordion.
This is what it should look like when you're done accordianing it.

3)  Pinch in the center of the accordion and staple.


 4)  Cut a LONG piece of the string/yarn that you will be using.  I would cut about double of the size you want it.
 5)  Wrap the string/yarn around the staple and tie a knot.

 6)  Repeat with the next one until you fill up your entire string.  I hung all of these guys vertically, but they can also be suspended horizontally like a garland as well.  Which would actually look really cute if you attached it to a daisy chain type paper display as well.

 BONUS PAPER CRAFT--The Modified Daisy Chain:

You will need
1)  Scrapbooking paper;
2)  Stapler;
3)  Scissors or rotary cutter and mat.

1)  Cut four strips the same size out of scrapbooking paper.
 2)  Place your strips so that all of the white parts are facing into the center and all the pink parts are facing out.  Two pinks will be facing right and two pinks facing left.
 3)  Hold the four pieces at the base with your non-dominant hand and peel the first loop in and secure it with your hand.  The direction you are taking the top piece is counter clockwise.
 4)  Repeat with all of the other strips so that the pink is always facing out and the white is inside.

 5)  Staple at the base to secure.

6)  Make a regular daisy chain or attach it to your other garlands above. 

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