Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More things are happening in the yard!

Last year, we purchased our home.  In one year the yard has totally transformed.  It's gone from this (when we first moved in) to this (crazy overgrown disgustingness) to this (ripping out the yard) to this (laying of the sod).  The general outline of the garden has remained in tact to this day, but now I've added hay and garden beds and moved some plants around.

Here is the progression from the last month:

 Yup that is a bale of straw (not hay).  The people at the store were very insistent that I ONLY needed straw and not hay.  My friend Bianca told me that the straw is the cellulose of the hay product and that straw is used for gardens and beds for horses, and that the hay is what horses eat (she is an equestrian and wardrobe consultant--pretty cool huh?). 
 My mom and I spent about 5 hours wedding that dirt patch on the right and I ended up moving all of those planters.

 I really wanted it to be hay and not straw so I could walk around the house yelling "HAAAAAAAAY" since "STRAAAAAAAW" isn't as funny.
 I moved some of the planters across to the other side, along with the magnolia.  And my poor beautiful avocado trees died in the frost.  I was a negligent avocado owner.  I actually feel really guilty about these trees dying because they had lived at so many home with me over the last few years and I planted them when I was dealing with some difficult personal shit and they continued to flourish and then I just neglected them. 

The beagles LOVE the straw.  Ralph has made a few different nests in there already.

 I can never get them to look at the camera together!

Once the rain stopped, I bought some garden beds that were pre-cut and had pre-drilled holes!

 Here are the beds next to each other.  I put straw in the bottom to even out the sides but also for weed cover.
 Here are the plants I purchased.  We are growing broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, green peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, and pole beans.  (We have since added more to the garden but that will be in another post).

Seriously easy!  And it cost about the same as buying cedar and making them from scratch but it only took me about 20 minutes for each bed.

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