Saturday, April 20, 2013

Acrylic Color Block Painting

We currently have three things hanging on our beige walls.  (We moved into our house 13 months ago).  The only one I made was an acrylic color block painting that is hanging in our powder room downstairs.

1)  Canvas;
2)  2 acrylic paint colors;
3)  Fat paint brushes (I used the sponge ones);
4)  Painters tape;
5)  Hanging mechanism (I used pushpins because the canvas was so light).


1)  Paint your white canvas with a base color.  This will be the color that gets "blocked" by the tape and ends up being the accent color as opposed to the dominant color.  I would recommend that you make the blocked base color lighter than your top coat, otherwise you will be spending a ton of time painting and repainting the top coat to cover a dark bottom.  You can also use spray paint if you have a big canvas--I did that for another project where I did an acrylic base that was blue and then spray painted white over it.

 2)  Block the pattern you want with the painter's tape.  I went with a geometric shape but you can also make any sort of cool interior design--a cameo maybe?

 3)  Start to paint your top coat in between the spots that the tape leaves.
 Here is is all painted:
 4)  Let the paint dry for a few minutes--that's what great about acrylics--they dry soooo fast!  Then peel off the painters tape:

 5)  Hang.  This is the blank wall in the bathroom that we wanted to add something to.  I've been on a gray kick lately and thought it would look nice on our beige walls.

Here are some pictures of the color block I did with the spray paint:

I had to do a lot of coats of spray paint.

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