Saturday, March 23, 2013

Superbowl Party Decorations and Food Ideas

This was the first year I was excited about the Superbowl.  Mainly because we were throwing a themed party and I love a good themed party I can decorate for.

Here is what our table looked like before we added all the football food (Yes we are Niner fans--and those amazing SF cookies were made by my friend Quynh--she is very skilled at the cookie arts):
I bought three yards of green felt from JoAnn Fabrics and a roll of white duct tape.  I put the green felt on the table as a table cloth and then cut the white duct tape to make a border of the field.  Then I ripped the duct tape length wise into three or four strips to make the thin lines of the field and tried to space them somewhat evenly.

For the cutlery I used old mason jars that I covered with brown scrapbook paper and drew laces on in silver Sharpie to make tiny footballs.

 For the cupcakes, I made the actual insides green too with food coloring so it was like the whole cupcake was a football field.  I got the sugar footballs at a part store.

For the brownies, I just made regular brownies and cut them into football shapes and then put white frosting as the laces.

 I started to make little paper containers for chips out of scrapbook paper that looked like grass but we didn't end up actually using these for food.

I bought some football cheese toothpicks--everyone loved these!  And you can wash them in the dishwasher and reuse them!  I use them as picks in Husbando's sandwiches that I send him off to work with.

For the "centerpiece" I used an old large martini vase I had, added some green tulle I had laying around, and put a football on top.  FUN!

REALLY excited for opening day for baseball so we can make some fun baseball themed parties!

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