Friday, March 22, 2013

Lemon Harvest

A few weeks ago my mom visited her brothers who live in Southern California.  My uncles have these crazy producing lemon trees.  My mom came back with boxes and bags of Meyer lemons.

I absolutely lovvvvve lemons.  I put lemon juice in pretty much everything I eat and drink except coffee.  I knew I could use all of these lemons before they went bad, so I decided to squeeze them all and freeze the juice in ice cube trays.  I've blown through about half of the juice so far!  Delicious!

So much juice!!!!!!!!!  I'd recommend wearing gloves.  I squeezed everything by hand and my hands were pretty wrecked from the acid in the lemon juice by the end of the squeezing adventure.


  1. Came over here from Kara's blog. I too put lemon juice in everything but coffee! I broke down a couple years ago and purchased one of those citrus squeezers you see next to citrus in the grocery store, and OMG best kitchen tool ever. I have the lemon, lime, and orange one now and use them all the time. From one lemon lover to another - you would love it.

  2. Thanks for reading Katie! And so glad you found me from Kara's blog! Kara and I had quite the Dollar store adventure yesterday. I used to have one of those citrus squeezers and then we moved like 3 times and in 5 months and it somehow disappeared (probably in one of those boxes shoved in the guest bedroom that has never been opened). They are quite handy. Thanks for the reminder! I've also been thinking about getting an actual juicer but I think it's one of those appliances that you will use once and then it collects dust on the counter top...