Monday, January 14, 2013

Storing Christmas Lights

We were totally becoming the family that still had their Christmas lights up when the other neighbors had diligently taken them down.  For fear of being labeled as "that family" that still has their lights up in July (which doesn't bother me but husbando is adamant that we do not want to be "those people"), I have taken down the lights.  My friend Kara had posted something last year about Christmas light storage, and I am implementing her handy system with a few changes because we have so many GD lights.

This is my pile of crazy that is happening on the floor.  I'm using cardboard from a water bottle pack, the box husbando's swim watch came in, and a Costco sized Ziploc box.

Basically, you take down the lights, wrap them around cardboard, put them in bags and then store them in a plastic tub until next year.

Here's what I've got going:

So much better!  Thank you Kara!!!!!!

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