Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Refinishing Furniture with Spray Paint

Many months ago when we first moved to our new home, I embarked on a sort of catastrophic spray painting adventure that left some of our furniture "redone" poorly and some pieces only half done.  This is what I did to a lot of the furniture and I HATED this color once it was on the furniture and in the house.

One of my new years resolutions is to finish the projects I actually start and make the house more of OUR home.  Because of that, I've been doing the following to all of our furniture that needs it:  priming and priming and priming and painting and painting and painting.  And everything is going to be WHITE!  Because everything goes with white and all of our walls and carpet are beige and white is easy to match and change.  Here are some pics of the far I've done a book shelf and picture frame for the downstairs, and our nightstands for the master.

As you can see these are still in the priming stage--I did about three coats of primer on the darker ones.  SO worth it.  The more you prime the less you have to paint.  The paint tends to be heavier and you're more likely to get drip lines than with the primer.  Please always wear safety goggles and a mask.  I had one day where I forgot both and started coughing and really felt like I had a coat of paint on my actual eyeballs for 12 hours.

I love the details of the bookcase.  It is the fanciest piece of furniture we own besides our table.  The bookcase is about 30 years old from Ethan Allen.  This is the closest modern version I could find.

It's getting there!  The bookcase was originally these very dark blue color and picture frame was black. I went to IKEA and got some boxes for the bookcase to complete the look.  Here they are laying on the floor!  At this point literally everything we own is on the floor all over the house since all of our furniture has migrated into the garage for spray painting.

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