Thursday, January 10, 2013

My $25 bathroom remodel

I have had a stick on shade with a piece of fabric over it in my bathroom for about 9 months now.  It looked like this:

Classy isn't it?  Yes that is a thumbtack holding up that piece of fabric that doesn't fit the window.  I can only imagine what our neighbors think of us.  Also, that space in between the window looks right out to a 17 year old's bedroom and I really don't want to flash the neighborhood.  I'm always ducking around it or keeping the lights off at night so no one can see in.  Not ideal.  So this was step one on my $25 bathroom remodel.

I had purchased some cheap paisley on a trip to Petaluma a few months ago at Vintage Bank Antiques in that really cool building that used to be a bank.  I love antique stores for fabric because you can get a lot of it for not a lot of money and it's usually good quality and a unique pattern.

I paired the paisley with some lace I've had forever.  This is the super cheap lace from JoAnn's.  You wouldn't want to wear it but it's find for trim on curtains.
I sewed a rectangle and then added the lace at the bottom and the top.  Here is the naked window:
Here's what it looks like now in the day time--hard to see the paisley but it covers the whole window!
Here is a close up:
And I still got to use my classy thumbtacks to put up the curtain!

Next I went on to addressing the shower door situation.  My bathroom has these crazy shower doors from the 80's that were falling on my while I showered.  Which is actually dangerous if they shatter and not super comfortable when you get nailed by a door.  Also, it was almost impossible to clean the bathtub when you had to slide the doors so slowly and meticulously so they didn't fall out of the track while you tried to get water to pour the baking soda and lemon away.  (Side note:  I'm no longer using harsh cleaners after I inhaled a ton of ammonia by mistake the other day.)

 It was so easy to pop the top of the track off.  I left the side and bottom tracks in for now until I can consult my handyman Mike on Monday.  Right now they are being used as a rest for the curtain rod so I think they are fine.
 Only problem I still need to solve is where to get rid of these GD doors!  I guess the dump?  I don't even think they'll fit in my car.  (Cut to post in 2015 where I figure out how to get rid of them).
 I chose a shower curtain that we have purchased before that I loved.
 What a transformation!
Grand total was about $25.  Shower curtain was $10, and shower bar was $10 and I had a coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond, and the paisley was about $3 for four yards or so, and the trim was $2. 

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