Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to Make a Door Snake to Prevent Drafts

It has been freezing lately.  Like literally freezing.  Here are a few pictures...

My windshield last week:
 My windshield this morning:
A frosty sanding block:
Brrrrrr!  I know it's not snow but it's COLD for here and I hate scraping my windshield.  The dog also refuses to poop on the grass when it's frozen which is always fun to dodge that minefield when running to the car in the morning.

We have quite a draft coming in through our kitchen door.  My MIL had her draft snake out on Sunday and it gave me the idea!

How to make a draft snake:


1.  Fabric:  1/4 of a yard of some strong fabric should be enough--it depends on how thick you need the snake to be
2.  5lb bag of rice (you can also use kitty litter or dried beans--whatever is cheapest)


1.  Measure your door so that the snake will be long enough to cover the base, plus a few more inches for seaming.
 2.  Fold the fabric in half and sew along the long edge, then one of the short edges so that you have a hollow tube.  Use pinking shears to trim edges.  This doesn't have to be perfect--remember it's going on the floor!
3.  Turn the snake right side out.
4.  Pour the rice in the sleeve.  Thanks for the photo assist husando!

Here's what it looks like as you fill the rice up.  It's WAY easier if you have four hands...

 5.  Finish the edges.  I just did a couple of rows of sewing and pinked the edge.  Nothing fancy since it's going on the floor.
 6.  Place in front of the door draft:

The whole project cost about $5 and I'm sure will help keep the house warmer!

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