Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fabric Scrap Wreath Tutorial

I just discovered Pinterest.  And I'm totally addicted.  There are so many projects on there--I feel like I could spend hours every day making new DIY things!  I have a years worth of projects pinned already. 

The first project I tackled was the Fabric Scrap Wreath.  It's genius!  It doesn't take long and I love projects that you can do while you watch TV. 


(I thought I would need extra wire--but I didn't, and I also didn't end up using the ribbon for the top of the wreath)

1.  Scraps of fabric in a color palette you want to use...the first one I did were tans and the second one were blues/purples. 
2.  Rotary cutter.
3.  Self-healing cutting mat.
4.  Wire hanger.
5.  Wreath hanger for door.


1.  Use the rotary cutter to cut pieces of fabric in 1 inch by 6 inches for a thinner wreath, or 1 inch by 7 inches for a thicker wreath.  I did both, I prefer the thicker but it's really to your taste.  The beige wreath is 1x6 and the blue wreath is 1x7.

2.  Shape your wire hanger into a circle shape.  Leave the top hook on if you don't have a wreath hanger.  Otherwise, bend the wire into the circle form.

 Ralph gets very concerned when I do projects on the floor.  He's usually walking all over my cutting mat or trying to crawl into my lap.  It's pretty cute.

 3.  Tie the fabric into knots on the wire in whatever pattern you want.  It doesn't have to be perfect.

Ralph wants to help!

 4.  Keep adding the knots of fabric until you complete the circle.  This is the 1x6 wreath.

 5.  If you don't have a wreath hanger you can wrap the top with ribbon and hang that way.
 6.  If you have a wreath hanger you can just hang the wreath on the door.

 Here's the blue one I made--this one is 1x7 and thicker than the other.

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