Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Very easy soap making

Soap making is new to me.  As in, I've been doing it since Saturday and it is only Tuesday.  I have to say I've totally fallen in love with it.  It's EASY and the product is beautiful and you can create something useful in very little time.  This is very very easy soap making because you will be buying pounds of glycerin that you break up and melt and make fabulous. 

I bought two different kinds of glycerin.  One was the "olive oil" clear variety in the picture below.  And the other was the white version that was "goat milk."  I found mine at Michaels.  They sell different pound sizes of glycerin.  I stuck with the two pounders because they were easy to cut, but you can buy 5 and 10 pound blocks as well.  I also bought a number of other scents and soap colorings.  That big bag of lavender has been sitting in my closet for three years and I finally had a chance to use it!  You will also need some plastic tupperware to melt the soap in the microwave in, as well as plastic utensils for stirring.  The essential oils go a LONG way in terms of scenting the soap, so use them sparingly.  I also used tons of stuff from my garden and pantry--cinnamon, mint leaves, poppy seeds, rosemary leaves, etc.  For the soap forms, I experimented with cream cheese containers, plastic cups, candy molds, and different size ice cube trays.  The ice cube trays were by far the easiest!  And this is all about easy soap making, not rip your hair out soap making.


The soap you buy will probably come with instructions, but microwave test all of your soaps in small increments (5-10 seconds at a time so you don't light your house on fire).  I used about 8-12 cubes at one time.  Each cube appears to be approximately one ounce, but it may depend on what type of glycerin you buy.

Heat the soap until it is melted.  Mix in with whatever ingredients you want to use.  Seriously, get creative!  And then pour into the mold that you want.  Pop the molds into the freezer for at least 20 minutes.  Take the molds out of the freezer and pop your soap out of the molds.  I would recommend only using plastic molds.  Make sure the molds you are using can withstand some heat otherwise they will melt all over your freezer.  I left the soaps out for two days for them to "harden" but they are ready to be used right away.  Here are some of my creations:

Top is a satsuma with poppy seeds, bottom is mint with mint plants from my garden.

 Top is crazy electric blue again with satsuma, and bottom is BEAUTIFUL lavender soap.  I have to say the lavender turned out super fancy and great smelling.
Top left going clockwise is rosemary, then cinnamon, then satsuma, then mint.  These were also ice cube tray molds!

Made these this morning---they look tasty!  Don't eat the soap!

The finished products so far.
What they look like bagged.  Enjoy!


  1. Really cool! I feel inspired! And I love the ice cube size of soaps...

    1. Thanks! It's been a really fun craft this week. I made my husband brave Bed Bath and Beyond and he came back with some awesome ice cube trays. I also tried a candy mold from Michaels but it wasn't as easy and we cracked the plastic after awhile. Thanks for reading!