Friday, December 7, 2012

Re-post: How to make shiny Christmas Ornaments!

This is a re-post from winter 2009.  I've made these every year since then, either for my own tree or for gifts for people.  After making about 40000000 of these, I've stopped doing step 2 during step 2 and left it until the end.  You want to do step 2 if the ornament is going to have a top and bottom.  If it's just random patterns, then you don't need to put the ribbon in until the end.  Here's the tutorial on making sequined Christmas Ornaments:

Merry Crafting!

1. Supplies you will need: Foam balls, ribbon, pins (get shorter ones depending on the size of the foam), and lots and lots of sequins!!!!! You will need more pins that you initially think. One ornament I made had about 180 pins in it!
2. Pin the ribbon into the ball.3. Pin the sequins in any shape and direction you want around the ball.
Here are some pictures of my finished products. It takes awhile to do one ornament, but it's a good activity for a rainy day or while watching tv! Try it! It would make a great holiday present too.

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