Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Organizing the Craft Room

Life has been crazy lately and I have been extra lazy about cleaning.  So much so that everything around the house was getting thrown into the craft room and the door shut.  The craft room became the CRAP room, and my projects started leaking out into the rest of the house, much to the distaste of Husbando who is basically relegated to a corner of the living room.  Poor guy!

Last year we worked with Belinda Beebe of Organize for Joy to help us pack and move and unpack multiple times.  Belinda is fantastic--her blog has all sorts of great organizational tips.  She helped me decide how to store all of my fabric and other notions and craft stuff, I just haven't been keeping up with it.  So this last Sunday, I spent the entire day (except for the evening SF Giants game) cleaning and purging the craft room.  This is what it looked like before:

Fucking embarrassing huh?  I like to broadcast my shame to the world because it encourages me to keep things clean.  So I cleaned all day.  I organized things into piles and then plastic baggied most of the stuff into categories that would fit into a small clear plastic bin.  Here's the beginning of the thread and bobbin storage.  If anyone has a baby in your life--save those baby food jars!  They are great for little knickknacks like buttons or sparkly things that would otherwise get lose.
 I have a ton of ribbon and lace.  I don't know if this is how I'll keep it forever because I actually need better access to it, but I got it organized so we will start there.
I placed all of my fabric into two LARGE bins.  One bin is for fabric under a yard, and the other bin is for fabric significantly over a yard.  That really separates my collection into two categories:  for the fabric under a yard I can make bags, purses, and anything small; the bin with the longer yards will most likely be apparel fabric or for multiple smaller projects.  This was a great success in my mind as so often I start a project thinking I have more fabric than I really do and have to go back to the fabric store.  This way I know from the get go!

Here is an after picture--yes I know there is still stuff on the floor.  This is pre-vacuum and for some reason I don't have pictures of after that.  What an improvement!  I even changed the layout.  Now I have a sewing table and a cutting table and a reading corner.  The fabric is in the storage containers under the cutting table.

 Here's the closet.  Look at that!  I can actually find stuff!

I decided to make some curtains since that window is naked.  Now I have a nice little sewing and reading corner.

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