Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hanging a Curtain Rod and Drapes

This is the first time I successfully hung drapes.  I've "installed" a curtain rod before that was not level and had some weight bearing issues.  This time I wanted to do it right.

First I started with a trip to IKEA.  IKEA is great for drapes.  I purchased the KAJSA style for $34.99.  I highly recommend going into the store to find the drapes you want.  Husbando and I picked out two or three options online before we went over and I really didn't like them in person.  For $34.99 for two drape panels you really can't go wrong!

What I didn't get at IKEA was the curtain rod.  I was overwhelmed by their curtain rod section and I wanted something with written instructions instead of just pictures.  So I went to Home Depot and found a fantastic Martha Stewart rod.  This rod was super adjustable.  I could have made it go all the way across the living room.  Good heft so that it felt substantial but not heavy.

Here is a screw I stripped--whoops: 
 I measured the brackets where the holes would fit with a measuring tape, pencil, and then anchored the drywall anchors.  I've been scared of drywall anchors--I watched a tutorial online and now I know how to do it.  There is no mystery.  First you hammer in a nail or screw about 3/4 of the way in that you need.  Then you take that out and insert the drywall anchor.  Then hammer that bad boy into place.  Thank God for the internet.
 Here I installed the brackets equally on each side of the window frame.
 I adjusted the size of the rod and slipped on my curtains.
 Placed the curtain rod on the anchors.  I love that pattern!
 This is what it looks like with the light coming through the windows.
 And there is the backyard peeking through!

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