Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Very Merry Sewing Vacation

I was totally done with work two weeks ago--I could not handle to come in to work one more day and deal with other people's problems and anxieties.  I needed a break!  And what is the point of working for yourself if you're putting in 18 hour work days. 

In an attempt to reclaim the mythical work/life balance, I Liz Lemoned myself into having it all by taking a week off.  In this GLORIOUS week that is now sadly over I sewed my ass off. 

I ordered some patterns off of Etsy and just cut and sewed and watched Law & Order SVU reruns.  One night I stayed up until 3am working on this purse by The Sterling Owl.  It's a hobo/diaper bag that I love--I've made two now and am going to make that for everyone for Christmas. 

Here is the bag I'm sporting now:

And the second bag I made:

And here are some change purses I made from a pattern by Aivilo Charlotte.  I modified the pattern a bit.  

I'm still working on my skills but really having a great time doing it--and making something so functional.  When I was making that bag at 3am I realized how inspired I was to sew.  I NEVER feel that way about my regular work.  I need to figure out a way to incorporate crafting into my every day life and not just on vacations since it makes me so happy.

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