Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Nice Day in Petaluma: Part II Lagunitas Brewery Tour

A few weeks ago we ventured to Petaluma for a fabulous day of eating, drinking and shopping.  One of the stops on our tour was the Lagunitas Brewery.

We did a beer tasting and tour with KQED.  My favorite beer by far was the Day Time beer.  Low alcohol content (also known as perfect for DAY drinking).  I tracked it down at Safeway--but it's in limited release so keep your eyes peeled.  We were in the "upstairs" bar area that is reserved for non profits having parties.  Here are some of the fun things that were upstairs:

 Yup--that's the leg lamp from A Christmas Story!!!!!!!
 The bar with our gift bags!  Thanks KQED!
 I wish we had a set up like this in our house. 
 The dog face on the beer glasses.  We now have two of them and they are the coveted glasses in the house.
 There's husband riding a Lagunitas saddle!  Love that Cynget shirt baby!
 Too funny--the bartender said the upstairs was "decorated" by dudes who got married whose wives wouldn't let them keep their bachelor stuff in the new grown up house.  So basically decades of storage lockers and bachelor pads came to die up here.  I loved it!
Here are some pics from the actual tour.  I was pretty drunk by this point (and was not driving) so I don't really remember much but Husbando remembers all the stories.  Definitely worth a venture up to Petaluma to do the tour!

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