Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Getting crafty again!

I know I know.  It's been awhile.  I've been busy with work and just generally lazy.  I've been crafting a ton though and have all kinds of fun tutorials to share.  I'm also thinking of hosting a crafting class.  I would really like to transition my career full time to something I heart doing, so instead of complaining about it to my husbando and besties, I am ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING!  Shocking I know.

This weekend was filled with making fascinators and other hair accessories.  I also made a few baby slings for my sister in law and burp cloths.  And I made a whole new beautiful wall of fabric art for my office.  It has made such a difference--everything feels brighter.

Here is what I submitted to the Mill Valley Holiday Craft Fair this year...let's hope I get in!  Since making these, I've really perfected my fascinators--I will do a tutorial.  They are quick and very satisfying and make great gifts.

I also entered with some bags that I love sewing and using:

Here's what my office wall looks like now:

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