Wednesday, September 26, 2012

American Sewing Guild Fabric Sale Haul

This weekend, my friend Megan and I ventured to Concord for the American Sewing Guild's East Bay Chapter fabric sale.  Everything was $1 or less a yard.  We found all kinds of apparel and quilting fabric.  I walked away with about 50 yards of fabric for $38.00!  Quite a haul!  Here is the stash before I laundered it:

I just finished making this dress with one of the blue/green wool blends.  Definitely not the finest crafting of my life, but the next one will be better. 

I have to say, I've never been one for following patterns for two reasons:  1)  I'm totally impatient; 2)  I feel judged enough with everything I do all day that is work related and I don't want to feel like I suck at something else that is supposed to bring me stress relief.  I've gotten more frustrated with my lack of skills lately though.  It took me a few weeks before I attempted this dress pattern.  I started with baby slings which are basically sewing two pieces of identical fabric together (even I can do that).  There is so much I don't know--even getting familiar with seam allowances, darts, matching lines, gathering, and even cutting the pattern without ripping it!  There is also a key on the patterns that tells you how to lay your fabric and pieces of pattern.  And, the stupidest thing of all--I didn't know there were two different lengths of fabric:  45" and 60"!  I would come home from the fabric store with 3 yards of 45" fabric and then realize I really needed three yards of 60" which is really like needing twice as much.

But I'm learning, and it's been a nice way to feel accomplishment that isn't work related, even if my stuff never sees the light of day except when trying it on in the mirror.  So get out there and sew!

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