Friday, June 22, 2012

Things are happening in the garden!

When we moved to our new place the yard was "landscaped."  Basically, someone came in with some fancy mulch and dumped it on what was previously dirt and grass and add some scattered plants.  This is what it looked like.

Due to multiple factors (laziness; fear of using the phone to call people; lack of money; wanting to DIY) this is what it looks like now:  

As you can see, I started to dig some areas out, then put some sod, then the sod died, then I got lazy.  Aren't my raised beds spectacular???  Oh right, there are no raised beds because I am LAZY. 

Today, Jesus (Heyyyysoooos) our gardener is coming in to dig up the yard and get it ready for "sprinkles" (sprinklers) and grass.  I'm hoping to come home to a dug up yard (goodbye crazy privets uprooting our foundation!) that will have beautiful grass in it by tomorrow.  And sprinkles!

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