Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mason Jar Obsession and Finding Forgotten Photos

I like to save mason jars that I get from buying pasta sauces.  I reuse them for various drinking and storing purposes.  Recently lots of articles have popped up about using them for storing lunch stuff!  I think I need to buy actual canning mason jars for this to be safe to do and since I rarely keep the lids.

Marin Homestead had a recipe for mason jar salads.  And Untrained Housewife has a whole slew of things you can do with mason jars but I particularly liked the recipes they posted from Preparewise.

In other unrelated news, I just figured out how to download photos from my phone.  I never thought I would use that as my primary camera but it is always charged and always accessible and I have instantaneous uploading and picture mail so the convenience has really outweighed any other factor.  I downloaded hundreds of pictures and realized I need to use multiple redundant backups otherwise I would have lost tons of adorable Ralph photos!

Here are some of my favorites:

1)  The first time I made ravioli by hand.  I have a whole recipe and step-by-step instructions with photos and the pasta maker I need to upload.  These were spinach.
  2)  My first football game ever at Candlestick:


3)   Ralph in our new house on the guest room bed....also known as his day time nap room:

4)  The bathtub from our Napa mini-moon:

5)  Our wedding cake pinata!

6)  The note my husband's boss wrote in our wedding card.  My name is Jessica NOT Jennifer.  And it was a group there where lots of other "Chris and Jessicas" for her to see.  I didn't know I was changing my first AND last name!

7) The coolest shower curtain we have ever owned!  Sadly our new house has sliding shower doors...whomp whomp.

8)  Our trip to Dog Island Farm on the second hottest day of the year.  Yup, that's a goat just chillin on a spool of something...

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