Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Marin Eichlers

Marin Magazine published a great piece of Eichlers in Lucas Valley.  We looked at some of these in San Rafael when we were looking for homes.  They are difficult to maintain with a slab floor and lots of windows and flat roofs.  The indoor/outdoor living experience is kind of amazing though.  The ones featured in Marin Magazine are Eichlers that were heavily renovated and beautified to their maximum extent.  Beautiful pieces of art you can live in!

Rest in Peace my Disco Queen

I know I'm not the only one that is sad that Donna Summer has passed away.  I credit Donna Summer's music being the ONE thing that my mom and I agreed on while I was those wonderful ages between 13 and 17.  During that time, we were recovering from my dad dying, losing our home, and having to move, let alone all the other fun changes that come with being a teenager.

During the move process, I unearthed my mom's old records, and discovered Bad Girls.  I used to put it on the record player in my sister's room (she was in college) and dance around in front of the mirror.  My mom was excited I resurrected these albums and we began dancing around the house to them.

Later came CD's and Donna's greatest hits...which translated into my mom and I being able to sing in other rooms of the house, particularly the kitchen.  We would put on Donna and dance and dance and sing badly at the top of our lungs into spoons.  SPOONS as microphones!

When I moved back to live at home during law school we again spoon danced to Donna a few times.  After hearing about her death, I headed over to my mom's house and she had Donna on in the kitchen.  We started dancing around the kitchen again.  I have to say that Donna made such an amazing contribution to my life with my mom and our connection together, being able to be silly together, and bond over great dance music. 

I'm so sad that Donna died.  She was younger than my mom is now, and I fear for losing my own mother and all those memories I have of her and our time spent together.  Rest in peace Donna Summer.  And go hug your mother right now!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Amazing sky!

We are on our way to get fro yo and this beautiful sky appeared!  Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Everything is going wrong today!

But instead of bitching about it....here's an adorable photo of Ralph and Izzie sunning themselves.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Garden Hydrangeas for my sister

Cut some flowers from your garden and give them to someone you love today!

Baby Blankets and Burp Cloths

My sister in law is pregnant with her third kid right now, but first boy!  I've been nesting in our new home, and started to sew all kinds of things for her new arrival.

I've started burp cloths and baby blankies...though I need to iron iron iron by my laziness seems to consume me most days.  Besides, they're just going to get spit up on anyway!

Here's an adorable print I found (wish I could also find a same sex equivalent!):

Ok no idea why I can't get the photo to readjust to the right way.  Just tilt your head please :).

I also found this cute "jungle" pattern that I just had to buy.

This one is fortunately right side up.  Here is the menagerie of burp cloths and the one blanket I've made so far:

And these are also upside down!  WTF new blogger format?!  Anyway, you get the idea.  Nothing is more exciting than sewing for a baby!