Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Friday!

Some days I don't think I'm going to make it to the end of the week alive! I was sick all week. So sick that yesterday I fell on myself (very very gracefully---right heel got caught in fancy bow of left heel and I went down) onto the floor and bruised the shit out of my elbow and my pride.

I few things I learned or re-learned this week (actual circumstances and numbers have been changed to protect confidentiality, though no names are used):

1) If you have $25MM dollars in the bank you should not be able to benefit from my free legal aid clinic that I volunteer my time have means to hire someone. I'm used to dealing with people who have very limited access to any resources and you spent more last year on hiring forensic accountants that I made in an entire year of work....I don't think you should be able to come to legal aid.

2) If you are cash poor but have a $5MM asset and need money to live on, you should sell the $5MM asset! I hate rich people problems. Please don't tell me you are poor and have no money when so many people have so much less. Be thankful. And take control of your situation!

3) I hate being an attorney. Had a very difficult exchange with another attorney that actually made me physically ill because I felt so defeated after.

4) I need to do things I like to do everyday. Because I will die. And I want to have a life that is well-lived and not just complained through.

5) I really need to hang my blinds already. It's been over a month with stick on shades and pieces of fabric on the windows. Oh and a bit of flashing.

6) I need an air conditioner.

7) I hate fax machines. And phones.

8) I need to start running. I need something to get me out of the house that isn't dog walking and that I can vent my frustration outward instead of internally.

9) I need to sleep more. Case in point: freaked out on Husbando because he wrote some thank you notes without updating the master wedding list. I am a joy to be married to.

10) I need to say NO NO NO to more things. Just say no kids. Especially when you think you want to go to law school.

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