Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gardening in Diamonds

I decided when I got engaged that I would be one of those people who never takes on her rings. What does that mean? That means showering, dishes, driving, spray painting, and all means of garden work get done with diamonds on, which is at the same time fancy and terrifying that the nicest thing I have I have choosing to slowly destroy. I'm more afraid of losing the rings though. The only official time I take them off is when I make bread (kneading dough does not work with rings or nails) and that is when I clean them.

Yesterday was a day I started "gardening." It's "gardening" and not gardening because all I really did was shovel tanbark into the green bin. I love having a green bin by the way--makes me feel like a grown up.

Our yard was styled by the investment group we bought it from. They dumped tanbark in the yard and planted some new random plants. This is what it looked like when we moved in.

Ralph is not such a fan of the tanbark. The first thing I did was dig out a section of plants and tanbark to be able to lay a small patch of sod. Because sod is soooooo heavy I have to do it in stages. When I called Home Depot yesterday to see if they delivered sod, I got hung up on when they transferred me to the garden section, and I wasn't that motivated so I didn't pursue it. I know--how do I ever get anything done? Just another example of how much I hate talking on the phone and/or dealing with other humans.

Here is Ralph hiding in the corner waiting for his Dad to come home while I dig out plants. That dark brown area on the left is now where the sod is.

Not my best work, but Ralph seems to like it. I need to get more sod to fill in the holes. But the crazy plants are gone. I'm going to re-plant some of the smaller ones on the entrance area on the left as a border.

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