Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fantasy Baseball Draft Party

Last night my husband and his best friend participated in a fantasy baseball draft with my brother in law and his friends all over the US and even one hard core player in Iraq. His best friend's wife is also one of my best we made a night of it. Had a "pick 'em yourself" taco bar. My girl Q made Mac and Cheese. My other friend came down from Santa Rosa and brought us fresh chicken eggs from her backyard brood. And we all got drunk and ate and ate in our new house. And I broke a full bottle of vodka on our brand new floor and felt like a dooshbag.

I have to say that having people over and sitting around and laughing with friends you've had forever really makes a Friday night. This is why we bought a house! I cannot wait until summer when we can test out our barbeque (thanks inlaws!) and have an outdoor soiree!

The most exciting part of last night was by far the 30 minutes before we checked out Mega Millions lottery tickets (none of us won). We all have some awesome ideas for what to do with all that money. We had already all quit our jobs in our heads. Whomp whomp!

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