Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Closing Bell

We are supposed to close escrow today. I should be jumping up and down screaming from our roof that yes universe, I am a grown up! Instead, I'm slogging through work after a slew of title company and loan and insurance "emergencies" that resulted from none of the people who were supposed to be doing their job actually doing their job.

So...I'm behind at work. The house isn't completely 100% packed and ready to go. I'm freaking out about not having enough money. Feeling incompetent in general and overwhelmed in specific. And I feel like a failure because I'm back on coffee of all things.

Enough bitching, I know. So here is a blurry photo of Ralph wearing bat wings and a top hat for your pleasure. I hope you all have wonderful, stressless days, filled with rainbows and sunshine and lots of booze.

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