Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fantasy Baseball Draft Party

Last night my husband and his best friend participated in a fantasy baseball draft with my brother in law and his friends all over the US and even one hard core player in Iraq. His best friend's wife is also one of my best we made a night of it. Had a "pick 'em yourself" taco bar. My girl Q made Mac and Cheese. My other friend came down from Santa Rosa and brought us fresh chicken eggs from her backyard brood. And we all got drunk and ate and ate in our new house. And I broke a full bottle of vodka on our brand new floor and felt like a dooshbag.

I have to say that having people over and sitting around and laughing with friends you've had forever really makes a Friday night. This is why we bought a house! I cannot wait until summer when we can test out our barbeque (thanks inlaws!) and have an outdoor soiree!

The most exciting part of last night was by far the 30 minutes before we checked out Mega Millions lottery tickets (none of us won). We all have some awesome ideas for what to do with all that money. We had already all quit our jobs in our heads. Whomp whomp!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Closing Bell

We are supposed to close escrow today. I should be jumping up and down screaming from our roof that yes universe, I am a grown up! Instead, I'm slogging through work after a slew of title company and loan and insurance "emergencies" that resulted from none of the people who were supposed to be doing their job actually doing their job.

So...I'm behind at work. The house isn't completely 100% packed and ready to go. I'm freaking out about not having enough money. Feeling incompetent in general and overwhelmed in specific. And I feel like a failure because I'm back on coffee of all things.

Enough bitching, I know. So here is a blurry photo of Ralph wearing bat wings and a top hat for your pleasure. I hope you all have wonderful, stressless days, filled with rainbows and sunshine and lots of booze.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Busy Busy

Oh no! It's happening again. I am neglecting the thing I told myself I would not neglect this year: doing things I like to do!

This is for a number of reasons. One is work. And I'm not really into work right now. For many reasons, one of which is that actually doing work sucks! So eloquent I know. I'm just done being a lawyer except I have no other marketable skills besides sleeping and baking bread and complaining so I'm sort of stuck staring at a computer screen, typing words, signing papers, sending bills, checking mail. I've also been very absent-minded lately because I have SO much on my mind! Take that paradox! I just locked my gym and mail keys in the gym. I am not a person who does that and I just did that. Sigh.

Another reason that I'm neglecting doing fun stuff like gardening, crafting, anything but work, etc., is because we are moving again. Again. Twice in 6 months. It is a bit disruptive. This time was a bit harder than the last because we are FINALLY buying a house. We are supposed to close in 24 hours and I am just starting to get excited about it, because the last two times we were in escrow we did not get the house. This time, there were no disintegrated sewers under the house, or $50k chimney repairs, or current termite infestations where the entire living room had to be deconstructed and reconstructed because those bitches were hungry!

So I'm trying to suck it up and go into work, and then finalize this house thing, and then take a week "off" to move. I'm so looking forward to having a permanent address!

And universe, I'm ready to win the lottery, like $240MM lottery not $10K, and retire and have some babies. So let's get on that already!