Monday, February 13, 2012

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I started being obsessed with making bread a few weeks ago. I call it "stress baking." I wish I had a more productive stress relief mechanism. I've tried to do stress cleaning but I tend to get bored and/or want to nap. My stress relievers tend to be things I can do in front of the tv (sewing, crocheting, not writing our wedding thank you cards) while watching Real Housewives of Somewhere or Cold Case reruns. My husband hates Cold Case. I also watch the Liquidation Channel which used to be Gems TV and hosts all kinds of shiny things, none of which I would ever buy.

Lately the stress baking has taken the form of bread. My previous post showed a recipe and beginning stages for bread from the Marin Homestead blog. I've been making this recipe every few days now. It's so easy!

Here is a photo of the before oven phase:

Here is a photo of the baked bread goodness post oven:

Up close and personal:

In other news, my grapefruit trees that I planted from seed are sprouting and doing well! Here is one of them:
It's it gorgeous! I wonder how long until it is a real tree? I have to say that I love citrus in general, but grapefruits are my favorite. Cannot wait to plant this little one in the ground outside...though not until it's heartier.

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