Monday, February 6, 2012

Couch Cover Tutorial

So, we've had these "red" couches in our family for over thirty years. They are very nice Hendredon couches. But they have been moved now to many houses and have been jumped on by a few generations of kids, etc. They are great couches, but the color wasn't doing it for me and neither were the feathers coming out of the pillows. At first I started with taking out the interior pillows inside the velvet casing and re-sewing new muslin innards and re-stuffing the disgusting down feathers that were inside. I have to say I did start thinking about naked geese that were freezing because of people needing pillows and blankets. And then I started thinking that these pillows had NEVER been washed. That means over 30 years of dust and dirt and dog hair and drool from napping, among other things. I tried washing the innards and the pillow casings but the feathers still poked through.

Here's what the original couch looked like when we moved into our new place:
And here is Ralphers snuggling on the couch:

Then my genius sister bought a slipcover for the couch online. It looked so clean and new, we bought one is well in the same color, tan.

Here it is...totally transforming our living room!
I decided to make our own pillow covers because we wanted something washable because of the dog and our tendency towards spilling stuff all over ourselves/our things.

I suggest buying pillow forms from JoAnn Fabrics so all of your pillows are uniform and fresh! I used to use the fluff and stuff and make my own pillows but the pre-made once are so much nicer.

You can use any type of fabric. I used one of JoAnn's Keepsake Calico fabrics. I LOVE any type of fabric with circle patterns, and this one also had the added benefit of hiding the dog hair.

Start by measuring your fabric over your pillow so it will cover it and you have some wiggle room for surging. I suggest getting a pillow that fits within the inseam of the fabric so you don't have to buy as much fabric. Also, the smaller pillows are cheaper as well.
Cut the fabric to size for your first pillow and sew the first side up, like you're going to make a sack with the name of the pillow fabric and other information line at the top (leave that unsewn for now...that is where your velcro is going).

Sew and surge each side. Turn your pillow case right side out. Turn over the lip of the unfinished edge of the pillow and tack sew on velcro to one side and sew.
Sew the opposite velcro on the other side. When it sticks together the pillow should look like this:
This is what our couch looks like now...quite the transformation with a couch slip cover and some fun and easy sewing:
And it's even Ralph approved!

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