Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Aquatic Park San Francisco

I had never been to Aquatic Park in San Francisco before last weekend. My husband wanted to go swimming in the bay and it was absolutely beautiful out for a February, so we made the trek into SF.

Parking was a bit difficult since it was a Sunday, but if you have patience, there is a lot of free street parking in that area. I sat on the grass and read my kindle, snuggled in my Snuggie and down jacket. It is still February people!

I started to get a little paranoid that people would think I'm homeless since I was laying on grass in a park, but I tried to override that paranoia by focusing on reading and/or taking in how gorgeous the view I was looking at was.

On the left you can see out to Alcatraz and on the right a huge boat in the very calm Marina.
All the way to the right are viewing stands to watch the water. Almost like bleachers at a high school football game. And there is a crazy watch tower thing that I didn't explore that really could be anything.
I rarely spend time in San Francisco anymore. Between the crowds, the parking situation, and the traffic, it is something I want to tackle less and less. But I have to say, I will watch the husbando swim again here. It was beautiful and peaceful and well worth another trip!

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