Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wedding Seating Chart Idea

I got married in October and did a lot of the planning and preparation myself and with the amazing help of my friends. One group effort was the wedding seating chart.

I used regular foam board which I covered with a beautiful silk fabric. Check out the upholstery fabric sale section at JoAnn fabrics for some good deals on fabric. You can find something to match your wedding color scheme or can use a neutral like we did. I attached the fabric with a glue gun in the back. Don't glue gun the front because you will be able to see the glue lines.

I bought cheap table seating name tags from a party store...100 for $5 or something like that. Then my wonderful sister hand wrote out all the names on the tags! Thank you Laura!

I used pieces of card stock for the table names. I wrote them in glue and covered them in fancy gold glitter. I then attached the table names and the name tags in columns with regular circular thumb tacks.

Here's an up close shot:

And what they looked like when finished:
And here is Ralph looking for his name on the board:
And yes that is the back of a trampoline on the left had side of the photo. We were in the process of packing during our wedding (never move four days after your wedding).

The whole project cost less than $30 and everyone loved it!

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