Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Soaking Peas

I'm on a gardening kick. I would love to grow all my own food and be totally sustainable. But I have a job and I'm lazy and I don't have a lot of land to farm with. I've thought about buying a plot of land and farming it but I don't think the cost would cover what I would spend on food for a year. It's one of those things were you have to plant stuff and then wait for it to grow...so maybe I would lose a ton of weight if I had to wait 6 months before harvest?

In the mean time I'm growing stuff on my windowsill. One part of my harvest will be peas. Pea plants grow really well. They're hardy and produce a lot in a small space. And the seeds are cheap! I spent $1.25 on the seeds and purchased them from Home Depot. There must be 100 seeds inside. That's a lot of peas!

Here's what they look like straight out of the package:
Wrinkled and shriveled! I started some in a bowl of water to help them sprout. I also planted some outside without the water start and some animals got to them (we have wild turkeys, raccoons the size of St. Bernards, quail, and coyotes here). So starting the seeds indoors seemed more prudent.

After 24 hours of soaking the peas absorbed the water:
After a few more days, the peas started to sprout:

You can see the little tails on the peas starting to form and either turn into a plant or root. Today I had my first offshoot from the ones I planted in dirt and covered in coffee grounds.

It's in the upper-middle-left. I know...it looks like dirt! Give it a week :)

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