Monday, January 23, 2012

Recycled Deer Netting

Recently I started planting some starters outside. Some animals found the peas that I planted quite tasty...and this is what happened:
Someone got their paw in the pea jar so to speak. After the fourth time of this happening after replanting I decided that I needed deer netting. But after 4 trips to home depot where I forgot to get it, I saw that I had a mesh bag of grapefruits on my counter. I figured I could make my own deer netting! And I would be reusing plastic.

You will need a mesh grocery bag...they usually have them for onions or avocados or citrus. You will also need large rubber bands and a scissor.
I cut the label off the top, and then cut the bag in half so it was one large piece of mesh. Then I placed it over the planter and secured it with rubber bands on either side.

It's been a few days now and our peas are growing just fine without any interruption from the animals!

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